PANDORA Splittable Yin & Yang Sparkling Dangle Charm

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Pandora Moments dangle Metal: 14k rose gold-plated unique metal blend Stone: 1 bezel-set round brilliant-cut true blue man-made crystal; 1 bezel-set round brilliant-cut clear cubic zirconia Enamel: shimmering silver white and shimmering transparent aqua blue and transparent royal blue and translucent purple Engraving: on one part “The Yin” and second part “To my Yang” Motif: splittable Yin/Yang sign dangle charm. Special features: shimmering silver white enamel covering the Yin part with a true blue man-made crystal creating the dot in the sign; opalescent blue enamel covering the Yang part with a clear stone creating the dot in the sign; micro beads on the edge of each sign; cut-out hearts and engraved messages on the back of both signs; beads covering the bails. Extra note: the dangle charm can be separated, wear them together or apart. Inspiration: symbolising the idea that two opposite forces can exist in harmony and complement each other. The Yin and Yang symbol represents the interconnectedness of the world, particularly the natural world.


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